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Welcome to Belgrave's 'Legal Lifeline Blog'

Welcome to 'The Lawyers Lifeline' Blog.  To our old clients, it's great to say welcome back! As many of you know, Belgrave has been supporting legal professionals for 30 years enabling them to power through career transitions and live more fulfilling lives.  However times are changing. The world has become more turbulent, with more political, economic and even cultural instability. Technology and the Industry 4.0 revolution is reinventing the workplace. It is predicted that many professional jobs will disappear in the next 20 years, whilst remaining roles may change beyond all recognition. Perhaps, someday, you will find yourself training a co-bot legal assistant? Law firms are facing increasing pressure to align with technology and deliver more cost-effectively, so pressure on legal professionals has ramped up. This may be in the form of unrealistic billing targets, (when a sector is declining..) Or needing to find new clients, despite working in a non-transactional practice area. Alongside this, professionals face longer working days, a crippling work load, taxing office politics, perhaps bullying and sometimes a toxic workplace culture, Other pressing issues could be diminishing job security, conflict at home or a non-existent work/life balance. Many professionals are experiencing unsustainable levels of stress and anxiety, encountering fatigue and burnout, perhaps depression has become the norm. Some are battling with addictions or compulsive behaviours. Mental health amongst legal professionals has become a pressing issue for many law firms.

Belgrave's place in this new world is to support lawyers therapeutically - our added value is our understanding of your legal world. Belgrave offers therapy for lawyers by lawyers. We realised how difficult it can be for friends and family to understand the challenges of surviving and thriving in a high-pressure, legal career. We are all solicitors. We have worked at the coal face, so we know the challenges you face. Understanding is half the battle. Belgrave works with legal professionals to enable them to become more emotionally resilient and better able to handle stress, bullying at work, overcome anxiety and panic, prevent burnout, better handle relationship conflict and find healthier and more balanced life styles. Although our treatments can often be swift, we do not offer a 'quick fix' rather we advocate sustainable, long-term change. Belgrave still offers motivational and career transition coaching as well as individual, team or family GC Index assessments. This empowering assessment tool enables individuals to gauge their preferred energetic impact within a relationship dynamic and understand better why conflict arises and how it can be resolved.

Our therapists and coaches are accredited Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists. Cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) is a swift and highly successful treatment which is why it is the NHS' therapy of choice in its 'stepped approach' to mental health. CBT can be relied on to deliver successful treatment outcomes that can be consistently repeated. Interestingly, research shows that by combining CBT with hypnotherapy, client treatment outcomes are bettered. Hypnosis also assures that clients experience the very deepest state of relaxation whilst focusing the mind and empowering the imagination to create change. Our range of integrative techniques include role modelling, acceptance & commitment therapy, Gestalt techniques, REBT, solution focused therapy, rational emotive imagery tools, breathing techniques and cognitive defusion. This give us immense flexibility crafting tailored solutions that promote sustainable change.

I hope you will join us on our exploration of mental health, its impact on the legal profession and how best to navigate it. If you are intrigued and would like to explore things further, then do book a free treatment with us. If you don't try anything different, then you cannot expect different results.

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