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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

In 1998, Nathelie Tudberry founded Belgrave, a legal headhunting boutique, that swiftly gained a reputation for excellence and introduced success-only search to the UK legal resourcing market. For 25 years, we have provided law firms and legal professionals with career solutions. When coaching become an integral offering, we became an affiliated GC Index partner.


When Covid hit, we realised Belgrave had a different role to play in supporting the legal profession. We saw the world around us become more turbulent - change becoming the norm. Technology was transforming every aspect of our world, including what careers look like, the workplace - when we work, how and who with. AI is predicted to replace up to 40% of professional jobs. There was a great need to support lawyers with their mental health. Belgrave was ideally positioned - our added value was having  having legal wisdom. All of us knew how difficult it can be to work at the coal face as we had all worked there ourselves. Belgrave became the lawyer's therapist providing therapeutic and coaching support to legal professionals with a focus on preventing burnout, dealing with relationship conflict, bullying in the workplace and performance issues. We also work with law firms providing the with in-house clinic faciilities workshops, coaching and mentorship.

The Lawyer's Therapists

Meet The Team

Nathelie Tudberry

CBT Hypnotherapist / Coach / Ambassador


Nathelie Tudberry profile

Nisha Jandu

Trauma Informed Therapist  / Solicitor

As a trauma-informed therapist, I offer a holistic therapeutic approach with an emphasis an important mind-body connection. My practice is grounded in evidence-based techniques to address and combat concerns related to trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain/illness. My approaches include Hypnosis, CBT, EMDR, parts work, somatic bodywork and mindfulness to name a few. As an advocate against domestic violence, I work alongside local charities to raise awareness, as well as offering pro-bono therapy to those who need it most. 


Prior to working in mental health, I worked as a public sector solicitor assigned to adult and child protection cases for local authorities. I worked predominantly on the London circuit for around 10 years, advocating on a variety of cases including complex and High Court cases.


I am a qualified and accredited trauma-informed therapist and hypnotherapist supporting adults, children and young people to address the things they would like to work on and improve. My practice is based in Warwickshire, and I support clients in person and online all from a variety of different backgrounds, religions and cultures. 

Paul Atherton

Ambassador  / Speaker / Coach / Solicitor

I have over 20 years experience as a restructuring solicitor and partner working for predominantly US firms, latterly Arnold & Partner LLP.  I then transitioned into legal headhunting and supporting legal professionals and firms with finding better career solutions. I have worked alongside many top US and UK firms and also been actively involved in brokering merger discussions. I joined Belgrave three years ago, inspired by the collaborative approach and the opportunity to move into a more ambassadorial role. It has also given me a chance to get more involved with coaching. 

Outside of Belgrave, I am a speaker and lecturer.

Paul Atherton

Some of our Accreditations

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