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 Therapy for lawyers by lawyers

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We speak your language

Research shows that 92% of lawyers experience stress and anxiety at work. It is no surprise perhaps - the demands of the profession get ever higher and the world gets more turbulent. Anxiety at work is caused by gruelling performance targets, difficult clients, bullying or relationship conflict, pressure from . Fear and anxiety can damage personal relationships, impact mental and even physical health, lead to compulsive behaviours and addictions, insomnia, conflict at home or even burnoutIt can be difficult for friends, family (and even therapists) to understand and empathise - as they have not worked in the environment. We are therapists who are also solicitors. We know the challenges you face as we have all been there and can speak your language and are best placed to help you navigate back to a place of safety, calmness and even inspiration. 

Psychology Session

How we can help

We are here as your guide to help you navigate your challenges. We give you the tools to observe and change your thoughts and behaviours to create a more helpful and inspiring way of operating.  We will support you in absolute confidence.

Stress and anxiety at work

According to surveys, 92% of lawyers experience stress and anxiety at work. This could be unreasonable workloads, internal politics lack of clarity about responsibility or fear of losing your job or concern about finances. Talking therapy helps put things in perspective. CBT gives you the tools to reduce panic and anxiety about work as well as giving you practical strategies enabling you to become more emotionally resilient.


A new study by ABA shows that 28 of lawyers struggle with depression at work. This can be caused by emotional and physical exhaustion, difficulty prioritising, long hour, poor sleep - it can cover up anxiety. CBT is highly effective for depression and encouraging behaviour activation. Working together, we can help you reclaim your life and bounce back with resilience.

Difficult relationships

Relationship conflict can happen at work or at home. It can leave you feeling isolated, sad, abandoned even angry and depressed. You may feel bullied. This may impact your health. The first step is to talk about this and understand what is happening. Using  evidenced backed tools, we can help you reframe your perspective and find ways of engaging that support your authenticity.

Managing burnout

Burnout is becoming more prevalent in the workplace and research shows that lawyers are high on the list. Burnout is an umbrella term that covers chronic exhaustion, disengagement from work, depression and overwhelm - it is not something that is fixed by a good nights sleep. Find out more about burnout here.  We can support you through this difficult period and help you manage and recover your inner drive and resilience.

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If you’d like a free taster therapy session get in touch.

Performance Coaching

Expectations of today have never been higher. Professional and regularly standards ever tighten. The impact of technology means firms tighten belts and demand more. Clients and sectors are disappearing. Legal  assistants may leave and not be replaced. Billing targets may seem unachievable. Maybe you need to fulfil leadership, project management and BD roles but feel  inadequately equipped. We work with lawyers to help them prioritise, harness drive and energy, meet and surpass targets and find a realistic work / life balance. 

Career Transitioning

It can be difficult to transition from a role that isn't working for you. Maybe you have not moved before or it has been many years since you moved. Or you want to move from private practice to the bar or in-house. Perhaps it is time to change altogether and move out of the industry or you are looking at retirement. Working with a coach can help you gain confidence and clarity with your direction and values. We can also focus your attention, help you be more creative in your decision making and enable you to manage your career transition seamlessly.

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If you’d like to book a free taster coaching session get in touch

Our therapy approach

Our coaching approach is evidenced based as research shows this is the most effective for an effective treatment outcome. We offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which is a type of talking therapy. It's a common treatment for a range of mental health problems. CBT teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems by focusing on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions. It is quick and effective. Many talking therapies can take years to show any results. CBT can be effective in weeks and that positive results are sustainable.  We also use hypnosis to enable you to experience the deepest relaxation and use your harness your imagination to create more creative and empowering solutions. We do use a range of other integrative techniques taken from Gestalt therapy, breathwork, REBT and ACT to help build emotional resilience and tailor treatment to you. 

Family Unwrapping

Our coaching approach

We offer cognitive behavioural coaching, which is a good option to address one prevailing issue, such as failing to build a client book. Our coaching approach is solution-focused and holistic in nature with the goal of getting you back in balance.


A GC Index coaching assessment helps us understand our preferred behaviour and impact in a group. This could be a team at work or, say, within a family unit. Our preferences often override how we are meant to behave. Exploring these themes can you build more harmonious and balanced corporate teams as well as families, relationships and lives.  

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"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow..."

Robert Kiyosaki

Is it time to get your life back?

Our Accreditations

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Therapy Testimonials

'Nathelie has a very calming and friendly manner, and very effective communication skills. I never really thought hypnotherapy sessions would work for my anxiety! However, my mind has changed.'


'Nathelie helped me massively in a very vulnerable moment in my life where I was stuck. She equipped me with amazing tools, hypnosis, mindfulness, imagination exercises and exploring emotions to let them go. I'm immensely grateful to Nathelie and would recommend her to anyone looking for help.'


'Excellent use of a variety of techniques & processes. A wonderful experience with terrific results. I can't thank you enough. It's been wholly beneficial, not just in eliminating my habit but delving into who I am as a person...'


Coaching Testimonials

I was struggling to build a bigger client book and internal pressure was making me anxious at work. Your tools were so useful - I just hadn't seen things in that way before. It made a real difference - it gave me great clarity and put me on the right path.


“Thank you Nathelie!! For being the best mentor possible and helping me with my career transition out of private practice - I never thought I would do it. The odds were so pitted against me. I couldn't have done it without you.


You have been invaluable helping me through my difficult divorce. It enabled me to put my all back into work, build emotional resilience and find peace within myself. Now I need you to help me focus on retirement from the law and my sense of purpose.


Our Accreditations

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  • What is your cancellation policy?
    When you become a client, we will arrange a weekly time slot for you - this will be the same time and same day each week. This consistency is helpful for both of us and enables us to plan our respective diaries. If you do need to cancel a scheduled appointment, we do need 48-hour notice. If you cancel after this, we will charge you a cancellation fee as we will have prepared for the session.
  • Can I book as session if I am not a lawyer?
    We do sometimes find that other professionals are keen to benefit from our packages, such as how to prevent burnout programme. We do accept other professionals, such as social workers, bankers or accountants who have to contend with a similarly demanding work environment.
  • Do you offer concessions?
    Yes we do. We offer concessions to those on a low income and full time students. If you get in touch using the Contact Us form at the bottom of our website, explaining your reasons for wanting a price reduction, we will consider your application.
  • I am not sure whether I need therapy or coaching, how do I choose?
    Coaching is useful to focus on specific goals, such as achieving specific goals perhaps achieving work targets or managing bullying at work. Whilst therapy focuses on alleviating the underlying mental health issue or medical symptoms, such as not being able to sleep or suffering from panic attacks. We find coaching works well when there is one issue involved, such as work performance. However, it is not always the case. Inadequate performance may present as a motivation issue. We do this by using hypnosis and unravelling maladaptive thought patterns and unhelpful behaviours. We sometimes find that clients start coaching with an underlying goal and then discover that there is an underlying issue that impacts impacts their life, perhaps even sabotages performance. In these situations, the client may wish to progress down a therapeutic path. Fortunately, we offer both therapy and coaching so we can mix and match tools and techniques as needed to help the client build emotional resilience. If you are still unsure which is right for you, we suggest booking a free taster session with us when we can give you a more considered view.
  • How do I know if you are the right therapist for me?
    To gain the most out of therapy, it is vital that you trust your therapist and you feel that they understand you. It can sometimes be difficult opening up to someone you don't know. However, over time, you should find that you are able to build a rapport with your therapist and trust they are there for you. If this doesn't happen, then this is something that you must discuss with us. Perhaps you may realise that you are seeking a different approach or wish to explore mental health issues that we do not specialise in. Please let us know and we will support your choice and refer you on if we can.
  • Do I have to buy a sessions in a bundle?
    You don't have to buy a coaching or therapy bundle, although it is cheaper if you buy sessions in bundles of 3 or 6. We are mindful that not everyone wants to purchase sessions in a block, whilst others are not able to financially commit to a large purchase up front. We suggest you first book a free taster and we can then talk you through the options during this session.
  • How do I know which bundle to pick?
    We suggest that everyone starts with a free 20-minute consultation. That will give you a flavour of our approach and if you would like to work with us. At that time, we can give you steer you towards the most appropriate bundle for you.
  • Do you offer in-person clinic appointments?
    At the moment we don't offer in-face clinic appointments. Clients have expressed a preference for remote sessions that fit around their busy schedules. We do, however, offer late evening and early morning appointments as well as a Saturday morning clinic to fit around work diaries.
Virtual Team Meeting


We have regular events and workshops available. Please do bookmark this page and subscribe to our newsletter to get helpful tips and ideas. 


Nathelie Tudberry is giving an online meet-up talk on Wednesday 20 at 7pm. She will be exploring mindfulness through storytelling: 'The Boat of Knowing'. There will be a Q&A.The event is free and on eventbrite. Hope to see you there...

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